As a young girl growing up in Trenton, New Jersey, Dawn Christie would often dream of one day following in the foot-steps of her mother owning a clothing boutique. However knowing she was not as skilled as a seamstress as her mother, she knew she had the "Flair" and the "Eye" for Fashion coupled with a strong business mind to become an entrepreneur.

While her passion was fashion, Dawn decided to take the secure route and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from South Carolina State University and her Master’s Degree in Social Work Howard University. After graduating from college, Dawn was able to land a position helping others, providing counseling, supportive services, advocacy and resources to victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Hate Crimes, and Secondary Victims of Homicide in the District of Columbia.

Despite her many accomplishments, she still kept her passionate love for fashion close to heart. So, after constant encouragement and belief in her dream from family and friends. Dawn made the conscious decision to step out on faith and pursue her long-line dream. After struggling to find a name that was the depiction of her vision and love for her dream, Dawn thought of all the things she was extremely passionate about. In an instant it came to her and what was closest to her heart, was her daughter, Treasur. From then on, the business became Treasur’s Secret Exchange Boutique or TXS. 
Immediately, Dawn began to travel to major cities and numerous events to showcase the latest fashion and to spread the world of Treasur’s Secret Exchange (TXS). With rave reviews from many customers, with the request to obtain Dawn’s service as their personal shopper, stylist, and fashion icon….she knew it was time!!!! It became clear to Dawn that she had made the right move at the right time toward her dream…….and that it was time to establish an official location for her mobile business.
In 2015, Treasur’s Secret Exchange Showroom official location was launched in Largo, MD. Treasur’s Secret Exchange Showroom is exactly that…it’s an official showroom that may be visited “ By Appointment Only”. 
If you are seeking the latest fashion, personal fashion stylist, personal shopper, or seeking to host a shopping party, please contact: Dawn Christie, Owner